My Television Archive / Mein Fernseharchiv

by Gebhard Sengmüller

The ”My Television Archive” interactive database is an encounter with my personal collection of TV shows I’ve taped over recent years. I spent a week ensconced in the middle of the exhibition space during the gallery’s opening hours conducting a fast-forward review of my entire TV archive of VHS video cassettes.
Utilizing ”subjective” selection criteria, I picked out short excerpts (lasting 2 seconds to 3 minutes) and saved them to the computer’s video system. In a second phase, the accumulated video sequences were then sorted according to ”objective” criteria (for example, ”Kissing Scenes”, ”Three Actors”, ”Tracking Shots”). The computer system that was provided had been enhanced with a specially developed user interface to make these compiled video sequences available for perusal by gallery visitors during the second week of the exhibition.

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My Television Archive installation at Galerie Cult, Vienna

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