Media Archeology Links



Paul DeMarinis (edison effect, raindance, firebirds,the messenger)  link_2

Zoe Beloff (The Ideoplastic Materializations of Eva C.)  link_2  link_3  link_4  link_5
Perry Hoberman (Faradays Garden, System Maintainance)
Vuk Cosic (Instant Ascii Camera, Ascii History of Moving Images, History of Art for the Blind, History of Art for Airports)
Daniel Rozin - Wooden Mirror
Jim Campbell - LED sculptures, low resolution  link_2
Gregory Barsamian - animated sculptures, persistence of vision
David Moises
Arcangel Constantini (atari noise)
Angela Bulloch (Pixelbox)
Sadie Benning  link_2

Julien Maire

Dirk Pereres

Robert Adrian X

Redundant Technology Initiative    link_2

Pierrick Sorin

Gebhard Sengmüller



Gsellmanns Weltmaschine  link_2

the drum buddy  link_2

Dialtones - A Telesymphony (Golan Levin)

C.B.T.V. (Chris Burden Television)

Tenori-on (Toshio Iwai)

Morphovision (Toshio Iwai)

Benoit Maubrey (audio tutus, die audio gruppe)

Aperture (Frédéric Eyl and Gunnar Green)

teletext art

Bitfalls (Julius Popp)    link_2

From Here to Ear (Celeste Boursier-Mougeno)

z2 [zuse strip] (Caspar Stracke)  link 2

Pinhole Videos (Jay Bender) 

Museum of Lost Interactions


Afterimage - Mind Frame (Jaewook Shin)

Harddisko (Valentina Vuksic)    link_2

The Tenth Sentiment (Ryota Kuwakubo)    link_2

history of technology

Acoustic Location and Sound Mirrors  link_2

Ancient Batteries


Sattler Panorama Salzburg

78 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena

the worlds oldest laptop

H.A.A.R.P.  link_2   link_3

reconstruction of shredded stasi documents     link_2

Confounding Machines: How the Future Looked

Hedy Lamarr, Fernand Leger, Ballet Mecanique  link_2  link_3  

Mechanical Turk, Kempelen  link_2  link_3 

Mesmerism  link_2

Nikola Tesla  link_2

Wilhelm Reich  link_2
Paul Otlet, the man who wanted to classify the world   link_2    link_3
100 Jahre Verstärkerröhre  link_2

Robertson's Phantasmagoria

Sensorama  link_2  link_3

Spannung durch Spannung bei E.T.A. Hoffmann

John Logie Baird  link_2

Early Technology, Edinburgh

The Voyager Spacecraft Interstellar Record

La fabrication des diaphragmes de l'Institut du Monde Arabe

Oswald Wiener

The man who invented the cash machine

Modern Mechanics covers

tx-transform   link_2

slit-scan effect

Douglas Trumbull


history of television

the Telectroscope  link_2

the interlace effect

Fisher-Price Pixelvision  link_2

Kinescope  link_2

"Science in Action" Kinescopes

Philo T. Farnsworth  link_2  link_3

SSTV - slow scan television  link_2

Maurice Leblanc

Jan Szczepanik

Living Shadow Dances on Giant Electric Sign (Mar, 1941)

Deutsches Fernsehmuseum Wiesbaden


Mark Twain on Jan Szczepanik and the Telectroscope

Narrow-bandwidth Television Association

Television History - The First 75 Years

Welcome to the World of 405 Alive!

Museum of Television

RCA Capacitance Electronic Discs

Quadruplex Park

LabGuy's World: The History of Video Tape Recorders before Betamax and VHS

History of Video Synthesizers


Who is the Father of Television?

VBI Microtel - the teletext station for the voluptuous blinking eye

mechanical television

build your own mechanical television  link_2  link_3  link_4  link_5  link_6  link_7  link_8  link_9

C.B.T.V. (Chris Burden Television)  link_2

nipkow disk  link_2

The World's Earliest Television Recordings

soundfiles and conversion software from my televisor course at UFG, 2009

history of computers

Commodore Amiga resources  link_2  link_3 

these programs can open Amiga IFF images on Macs or PCs  link_2

an Amiga-made music video

watch star wars in text via telnet

ascii vimeo

Lynx - a text-only webbrowser

online browser emulator online

Computer space - early video game

Tennis fort Two - early video game link_2 

Rebuilding Babbages Difference Engine link_2 

Computer History Museum  link_2  link_3

Curta calculator

Kane Kramer - inventor of the digital audio player, the oilcomputer paradise  link_2


Vintage Computer Festival

Gesellschaft für historische Rechenanlagen e.V.

60 years of Von Neumann architecture

Computer Chronicles (historic television program on PC technology)

Konrad Zuse - Z3 Computer, Plankalkül programming language  link_2  link_3  link_4

John von Neumann - ENIAC computer

Thumb candy - Lain Lee’s Brief History of Video Games

Ada Lovelace

Human Computer Interaction in Science Fiction Movies

A History of the GUI

Kleincomputer in der DDR

Stick It In The Slot: A VGG Salute to the Atari 2600

history of photography

The Magic Mirror of Life: An Appreciation of the Camera Obscura

Kodachrome film process

spirit photography  link_2  link_3

Luminator Device  link_2  link_3

history of moving image

Inkjet Printed Film Process

Kinemacolor color film process

Autochrom color film process

Technicolor color film process

Oskar Fischinger - An Optical Poem

Slavko Vorkapić - Abstract Experiment in Kodachrome

Who's Who of Victorian Cinema

history of music and sound recording

Beethoven and the Panharmonicon link_2  link_3

chiptunes, tracker, MOD player  link_2  link_3  link_4  link_5  link_6 


Cahill's Telharmonium

Treewave (Paul Slocum)   link_2

maywa denki   link_2

Pierre Bastien

'Oldest' computer music unveiled

Conlon Nancarrow, Player Piano  link_2  link_3

Joyce Hatto Fake
singing IBM printer, 1964  link_2

singing scanner


on Rilke's Primal Sound

Museum of Flexidisk

8-Track Heaven

Chrysler's Highway Hi-Fi  link_2

Eat Your Records

The Archive of Misheard Lyrics

crank organs

Triola, a self-playing zither  link_2

Mechanical Music Digest

the worlds oldest audio recordings  link_2

paleo future

future past

Futuro - Haus vom anderen Stern

Amazing Stories Magazine


The Classic Rock Realm of Ferro-Cement

related movies

Megacities (Michael Glawogger)

Film Before Film - Media Magica  (Werner Nekes) 

Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey    link_2

Spectres of the Spectrum (Craig Baldwin)   link_2  the movie also has a great director's commentary that is worth watching!

Comrades in Dreams (Uli Gaulke)

Aelita (russian retro future sci fi)

Things to Come (Alexander Korda)

Trafic (Jacques Tati)

kettenanimation - chain animation

Decasia (Bill Morrison)

The Tailenders

related exhibitions

Spektropija Festival

Piksel workshop Bergen 2006 (Harddisko, 5voltcore, Army of Darkness)

electrohype exhibition malmö
lab.30 exhibition

Open Space 2010 at ICC Tokyo

other resources

dead media mailing list  (hosted locally)

prelinger archives


Institut für Medienarchäologie (Lower Austria)

media archeology symposions at de Balie

History of New Media course by Rachel Stevens, Hunter College NYC

Werner Nekes

A Pictorial Media Archeology Museum

Tilman Baumgärtel - Media Archeology: Optical Toys of the 18. and 19. Century


NYU Dept. of Media, Culture and Communication - dead media archive

interface culture student's artworks

mar carnet - gamebroker